A common problem, particularly with front load washing machines is that they start to gather mold very soon.

These have many benefits compared to top-loaders and are preferred in most laundromatsBut, this front-load system also does not allow the moisture to get dried properly and results in stinking molds around the cover when you open itHere are some easy ways to get rid of it.

  1. Clean the Rubber on the Front

The first mention of molds comes from beneath the rubber seal that lies around the opening. If you slightly pull it off, you can see it all around. One effective way to get rid of it is simply to clean the entire thing with soap and detergent and warm water.

  • You will have to do rubbing and greasing too. Later, you have to dry it off too before replacing. In a more detailed scenario, you can even replace the gasket completely. In this case, you don’t have to do any manual work.
  • The next thing you need to consider is the dispenser. If it is possible, you must try to completely remove the dispenser from the washer. All you need is some soap, a brush, and hot water.
  • In any case, if you are unable to remove the dispenser, you can make use of a bottle cleaner too to clean as much as possible. These are manual level interactions, and it is going to take effort. In all, one can remember the following point.
  • Keep ready soap, hot water, and brush. Remove the rubber seal and clean the mold. Remove the dispenser and clean it.
  1. Cleaning from the Inside

After working on the opening of the front-loader, you must consider doing it thoroughly in the inside as well. For this, you will need a cleaning tablet as well.

  • Simple solutions are using bleach and cleaning solutions from your departmental store. Some may remove the bacteria while others can remove the soap residues as well. One thing to note is that getting rid of any soap residues helps prevent the mold.
  • Some commercial items include Afresh Tablet and Bleach. Do take care as per instructions on their packaging when working with these chemicals. Consider the following terms.
  • Use bleach or cleaning tablet like Afresh. Clean as much of soap residue as possible from inside. Using a cleaning solution is better than bleach.
  1. Ways to Prevent Them

If you can prevent the mold from building up, reduce its rate or stop regenerating after cleaning then you would have done a great job indeed. In these cases, you have to learn more about the process these stinking molds accumulate.

  • Simple ways can help you overcome most of these problems. You can continue to let the front-loader dry its barrel from inside by leaving the door open. You can start a habit of checking any left moisture on the door seal.
  • Manually wiping it out with a paper towel every time you use it is a great way of reducing developing of the mold. You can, if done properly, reduce it from within months to years. Also, the important consideration from the above point holds here.
  1. Be Careful of Soap or Detergent Residues

When you excess detergent, this accelerates the mold growth on your washer, door seal rubber, and many areas. Using powder detergent and using less is also a habit worth developing basically, you can remember the following points regarding the process.

  • Try to avoid growth of the mold from the beginning.
  • Develop some habits to help prevent the same.
  • Start a habit of leaving the door open after washes.
  • Wipe the door seal with a paper towel after every wash.
  • Remove moisture, excess soap from door seal, washer and inside after every wash.
  • Use less detergent when washing.

In the case when you are leaving the door open, take care that little ones and pets don’t get inside the barrel for fun. This can be a caution that you have to deal with carefully. It is not at all difficult.


The stinking mold generates from left moisture and soap residues inside your front-loader machine. If you can check and prevent it right away, you are all good to go for years.

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