Washing machines have been a boon for helping you do your chores easily in no time.

If your washing cycle breaks down or you fail to do something in between, water will get clogged in the pipesIt can stall the operations of the washing machine too, in some casesYou can manually remove all the logged water and this is what we explain here in simple steps.

  1. Know your Machine Type

Depending on build type, model and form factor, the pipes and water storage, flow operations will vary. If you have a top loading washing machine, there are many ways to do so. Also, depending on how old your machine has got, you have to find out the several systems installed inside it. Some are easy to open, some are difficult to open.

  • Regardless of scooping it out or draining it out, you must clear it out so that the repairman can start fresh. Having days with the water in the machine can be a problem. This process can vary for a front-load washing machine.
  • Some will not open till there is water inside the barrel requiring the forced suspension, end of the currently running program and the opening of the hatch. So, knowing your machine well is the first step in this direction. Here are the points to remember.
  • Know your machine type, top-load or front-load. Know your machine brand and manual properly. Do not break anything.
  1. Easy Way Out, Use a Bucket

The easiest way of draining water stuck in the barrel is through the top opening itself. If your top-load washing machine does not have an automatic lock, just open the hatch and remove the clothes from it first.

  • Be sure to switch off the washing machine itself before even opening it. Then, follow this step. It isn’t very neat and clean, but less intrusive and requires zero knowledge of the machine and its interiors, backside and all. You can use a small bucket to scoop out all the water. Once it is down to very little, cleans and absorbs it using the wet clothes themselves. Here are the steps in brief.
  • Switch the machine off; remove the clothes from it; start scooping the water in the bucket; absorb all the rest water with the wet clothes themselves; dry the clothes on the wire racks.
  1. Check the Backside of Your Machine

This will need a little more effort than moving a small bucket. You have to move the washing machine itself and look for some of its mechanical parts. One of that is the drain hose filter.

  • Usually located behind a small flap, there is this water pump filter. It has a stopper to block the water. You can place a small bucket near it and pull the stopper. Soon, you shall see water gushing out of the hose.
  • It can continue for about a minute depending on the amount of water-clogged in the barrel and in the pipe. The filter can also get clogged with debris during the process, try poking it a bit to continue. In all, you need to perform these steps.
  • Switch off the machine; move to reveal the entire backside of the machine; look for a flap with a drain hose and stopper plug behind it; place a bucket near it; pull the stopper to let water gushing out of the water pump filter.


More intrusive methods can include pulling apart the drain pipe attached to the main pipe, a careful following of your washing machine manual. If you are not sure, wait for the repairman after the initial Step One and Two.

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