An agitator is nothing but a spindle that you could find out in the middle of the washing machine’s wash drum. The agitator is used to move clothes during the wash. At times, the agitator will stop working due to some issues or long time usage. In such cases, you need to remove the agitator and repair it.

The following simple steps will explain about removing the washing machine agitator.

  1. Removing the Bolted Agitator

Some washing machines will be equipped with this kind of bolted washing machine agitator. For removing the bolted agitator, follow the below steps. Of course, removing the washing machine agitator is simple and anyone can do that. But, accidents are possible if you tend to remove the agitator without unplugging your washing machine.

  • You need to, first of all, unplug your washing machine to stop the power supply to the machine. You do not have to load your washing machine with clothes when you attempt to remove the agitator.
  • Now, you need to remove the agitator cap. Most of the agitator caps are fragile, so care should be taken when removing the agitator cap.
  • If the agitator cap is bent when you try to remove it, then you need to have a glue to replace it.
  • Once, after removing the cap of the agitator, you could able to see a metal bolt or nut holding the agitator. Now, you need to unscrew the nut. You need to use the right socket or a screwdriver to unscrew the nut.
  • Once you are done, take the agitator in your hand as it will come free from the washing machine.
  • After cleaning the agitator, reinstall the agitator by following the steps from last to first.
  1. Removing the Non-Bolted Agitator

Certain washing machines do not get hold of agitators with secured bolts and nuts. Instead, such kind of washing machines has a non-bolted agitator. Let us discuss how to remove the non-bolted agitator.

  • Of course, you need to cut the power supply of your washing machine and open the wash drum of your machine.
  • Be it the non-bolted one, you do not need to unscrew the agitator at all. Instead, you just need to pull up the agitator. If you apply some kind of force to pull off the agitator, the agitator will come off from its house. You should not twist or turn the agitator.
  • You should not hurt yourself by applying too much pressure to pull off the agitator. In some washing machines, the agitator will be struck off and difficult to remove. If you experience something like that, you need to lubricate the shaft.
  • If your washing machine is a vintage make and model, then you need to use the lubrication to smoothen the motion of the agitator. You need to pour the small amount of petroleum jelly to ensure the smooth working of the agitator.
  • Now, you should try to remove the agitator. If still, the washing machine agitator is not coming off from the machine, it is time to call the repairman.
  1. Removing a Stuck Agitator

So far, we have discussed removing the bolted and non-bolted agitators. Now, we are going to discuss removing the difficult agitator.

  • First of all, you need to ensure removing the bolts and nuts if so anything is housing your agitator. At times, the soaps, chemicals, and detergents might get deposited at the base of the agitator and make it hard to remove.
  • If you think that, the cost of repairing the agitator is less when comparing to the cost of replacing the agitator, then you can call the professional repair person.
  • If you want to try it on your own, you need to cover half of your agitator with hot water. The hot water will loosen the deposited soaps and chemicals. Now, you need to loop the neck of the agitator with a rope and grab one side of a rope and pull it up, this force will remove the agitator.


You should not attempt to remove the agitator by applying more force, as, at times; the washing machine agitator will be broken.