Spending Christmas by yourself can be pretty lonely and depressing if you don’t know how to approach it. In this article we will go through some of the best tips for getting through this holiday alone in the best possible way.

  1. Remember to be Grateful

  • It can be easy to get so caught up in feelings of loneliness around the holidays that you forget about all of the great things in your life. You should remember to what you have to feel grateful for.
  • This will make getting through the holidays at least a little bit easier. Keep in mind that just because you are alone doesn’t mean you have to feel lonely.
  1. Volunteer

  • One of the best ways to spend the holidays is to volunteer your time and effort. There are lots of different things you can do, such as distributing hot meals at a homeless shelter.
  • You can also become a part of Meals on Wheels, which is a program that delivers food to the less fortunate.
  • Being of service to others is bound to make you feel better about yourself and a lot less lonely. Take the time to see which volunteer opportunities are available in your area.
  1. Get Yourself Something Nice

  • Another thing you can do if you are going to spend Christmas alone is to splurge and by yourself something nice.
  • Whether it is a nice bottle of wine or a fancy meal, you should think about treating yourself. This can go a long way towards making yourself feel better if you don’t have anyone to spend the holiday with.
  1. Go on Vacation

  • If you have the extra money, you might want to consider going on vacation somewhere nice.
  • Whether it is a Caribbean island or some other place you’ve always wanted to visit, this can be the perfect way to spend Christmas.
  • Even if your vacation is only for a couple of days, it can really help you with getting through an otherwise difficult time. Spend some time looking into the different places you can go for a quick holiday getaway.
  1. Stay Productive

  • Sometimes keeping busy and being productive is a great way to get past your holiday depression.
  • Maybe it is cleaning your house or doing some other big task that you have been putting off.
  • We tend to feel better about ourselves when we are at our most productive. There are most likely a number of things that you have been meaning to get around to.
  1. Don’t Use Social Media

  • One of the worst things that you can do when spending Christmas alone is to log onto social media. This tends to make lonely people feel even more depressed and isolated.
  • It is important that you put your phone away and just try to enjoy your own company as much as possible. Don’t worry about what other people are doing.
  1. Head Out to the Bars

  • Just because you don’t have any family to celebrate Christmas with doesn’t mean you have to be alone.
  • You can always head out to your local bar or club to drink with other people who are in your situation. This can lift your spirits and help you make the most out of a bad situation. There are usually a number of these places that are open on Christmas.


  • While it can be tempting to use alcohol to cope with being alone on the holidays, you should be careful. Drinking could make your negative feelings worse if you aren’t careful. Make sure to gauge how you are reacting and cut yourself off at a certain point.

Is it OK to spend Christmas alone?

Whether by choice or circumstance, there is plenty to do on Christmas Day alone, from catching up on the TV shows you say you’ll watch (but never do) to indulging in some much-needed self-care to starting new traditions, like making your own ornaments.

What can you do on Christmas Day without family?

Alone At Christmas: How To Spend The Day If You Don’t Have Family Around
  • Host or attend an orphan Christmas.
  • Do something for others (just don’t volunteer)
  • Turn off the tech and reconnect with reality.

What do couples do on Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve Traditions for Couples
  • Movie in Bed. Curl up in bed and watch one of your favorite Christmas movies together.
  • Sexy Stockings.
  • Exchange Ornaments.
  • Bake a Sweet Treat.
  • Look at the Christmas Lights.
  • Exchange a Meaningful Gift.
  • Cook Dinner Together.
  • Set up a Hot Cocoa Bar.

What can you do on a boring Christmas Day?

5 Things to do on Christmas Day When you get Bored
  • Go See a Movie. I used to laugh at people who did this, but Christmas day is actually the busiest day of the year for movie theatres.
  • Craft.
  • Bake.
  • Go to Butchart Gardens.
  • Go for a Walk.