It becomes irritated when the washing machine making a lot of noise while working.

And it becomes more frustrating if the machine is new or just had a repairing in recent timeBut before handing it to a mechanic, check whether your washing machine really needs the repairing? Before taking your washing machine to a mechanic for repairing, check for these simple solutions mentioned below:

  1. Overloading of the Laundries in the Washer

One of the most common problems for a rocking rotation in the washing machine is the extra stuffing of clothes in the washer or spinner. This results in unbalancing the container and machine start making noise while working. Follow these simple steps to solve this type of problems.

  • Empty the machine completely and run the empty machine for a while. At this point, the machine should run smoothly as the way it uses to work as a fresh piece.
  • If this isn’t the case with you, then you should get your machine repaired from the mechanic for tub balancing.
  • If the empty machine is running smoothly, it’s time to put your laundries back in the washer again. Place your laundries inside the washer one by one and remember not to force your laundries to get inside the washer.
  • Now run the machine and it should run properly without making any rocking sound.
  1. Leveling the Washing Machine Properly

Placing the washing machine in the right place is also very important. It is very crucial to place the washing machine at a leveled ground. At inclined places, the washer of the machine gets inclined towards the wall of the machine which causes distortion on the connecting rod of the machine as well as creates a loud noise. For resolving this problem, follow these few steps.

  • Initially check the height of all four corners of the machine with a measuring tape. If it is not equal on all the points, adjust the height using the adjustable screws at the bottom of the machine.
  • If the height of the machine is equal at all the points, check the leveling of the surface where the machine is placed. For checking the ground surface inclination, you may use a glass of water or pour some amount of water on the surface and the water should not flow.
  • Switch the position of the machine anywhere else and then give it a try.
  1. Look for Laundries on the Sides of the Washer or Spinner

There is a huge possibility of laundries jumping out of the container while the machine rotates. Laundries can create heavy damage to the rotating shaft or other machinery parts as well. Follow these steps to check if this is happening in your case.

  • Take out your laundries from the washing machine to get the weight of the container at ease. If needed, then reduce the water level of the washer as well.
  • After taking out all your clothes from the washing machine, check the side space around the washer or spinner to find if there is any piece of fabric dropped while rotating. In most cases, laundries like socks, handkerchiefs etc. jump out of the container and fell at the bottom of the machine which creates a problem in the machine.
  • If you find any laundry at the side space, take it out gently and without pulling it forcefully as it may damage the shaft or your fabric could get a tear.

Hopefully, these tips will solve your problem of balancing the machine and will also prevent it from causing heavy damage to its machinery parts.


  • Prefer to wash the bulky laundries (such as jackets, winter clothes, bed-sheets etc.) separately rather than washing it along with smaller and lighter ones.
  • Do not try to open the machinery at home unless you really know what you are dealing with.

For basic troubleshooting, you may also follow the steps given in the user manual of the washing machine.

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