Whether your dog has given birth to puppies or you have adopted one, it is up to you to take good care of it and that includes grooming. Cutting the puppy’s nails can be tricky especially if it your first time.  Here are three methods of cutting puppy nails.

  1. Using clippers

One of the common ways to cut the nails is by using clippers. The first thing is to make sure that you get the best clipper. If you do not know how to choose the right one, you can get help from a vet or an employee at the pet store. When you are cutting the nails, make sure to only cut the tip.  You should also trim declaw if your pet has one.  You can use treats to make the experience a smooth one. Be calm and do not frighten your dog. Having a clipper phobic puppy will make the process longer.

  1. Using a dremel tool

You can opt for a dremel tool if you do not want to use clippers. It has an abrasive head that will make the process easier. Begin by cutting the tips of the puppy’s nails. In case you are not sure how to use the dremel tool, you can get help from a professional groomer. You can also ask a vet to show you how to do it.

  1. Using a file

The file is used to file the dog’s nails. It helps you avoid cutting into the puppy’s nail bed. It can be very painful when cut. When filing, only file the hook at the end of the puppy’s nail. When filing the nail, you should place the dog next to you. It should not be in a front facing position.