Give your hair a pro treatment with this easy to follow guide on how to deep condition your hair from the comfort of your home. Deep conditioning is one of the best hair habits as it pampers the outer layers of the hair strands. And when they are damaged the hair looks frizzy and dull, far from what you like it to be. By deep conditioning those layers, you revive them, and the hair automatically looks much smoother, shinier and healthier.

What you will need?

You start by gathering everything you need for this endeavor. In the case of deep conditioning you need: a comb, four to six clips, plastic shower cap, shampoo, two towels and of course a deep conditioner.

Comb, wash, dry, clip!

Next comes the actual deep conditioning.

First of all comb all of your locks and make sure there are no tangles. Next, wash the hair thoroughly with shampoo. After you are done with the washing, grab a towel and dry it. Comb the hair into four to six sections, divided according to their thickness and length. Place clips on each section, except on the first one.   

The art of applying a conditioner

For the next step, apply conditioner to your first section. Begin with the scalp and work your way up to the ends. Once you cover all the hair from that section, lay it back. Then repeat the process on the following section, and the other one, until all are covered with deep conditioner. After there are no more sections, place the plastic shower cap over your hair so that every strand is well covered.

With all tucked up under the plastic cap, next what needs to be done is to bring some heat. Ideally, a hood dryer is perfect. However, if you don’t have one at your disposal, heat a towel and wrap it around your head. Let it sit like that for twenty minutes or so. The final touch is to remove the towel and the plastic cap from your head. Once they are removed, use cold water to rinse off the hair. The cooler the water, the better. If you use hot water, much of the moisture you’ve added will be lost.

What could go wrong?

Well, nothing if you follow the instructions step by step. But we humans are easily distracted, and sometimes even the simplest steps become hard to remember. Other than that, people make mistakes like these:

  • Products full of harsh chemical ingredients
  • You do deep conditioning too often or not enough.
  • You dry your hair with an old and terry cloth. Instead, opt out for a microfiber towel.
  • Occasionally, you use a blow dryer
  • You don’t apply enough deep conditioner on your hair, or you often miss spots.

Final words

The trick to a superbly deep conditioned hair is simple as beans – follow the instructions to the letter, don’t deviate, and don’t experiment. That’s the secret of the best hair stylists that can do this perfectly.