If your Apple Watch has limited watch faces and you are fascinated by the Hermes edition of the latest Apple Watch models, you can make some tweaks to your watch to resolve the issue. Although you may not get the exact Hermes watch face, it would closely resemble the real one. Listed below are the steps to get this done without jail breaking our Apple watch.

  1. Launch the Cydia App

Cydia is a default application you would find in your iPhone. It can be effectively used for installing various software packages on your iPhone. Find the application from the Home screen of your iPhone. Wait for the app to open.

  1. Open the Sources Tab

Once, the app has been fully launched to locate the Sources tab from the bottom menu. You can find it next to the star symbol. Tap over the option “Sources” to open it.

  1. Open the Edit Mode

When you open the Sources tab, you will be able to see “All Sources” and a list of Individual Sources. Now you have to add a new source in order to get the Hermes Apple to watch face. On the top right corner of the sources page, you will find the option “Edit”. Tap over the option to make changes to the existing list of sources. You would see a loading symbol for a few seconds and the screen would change to display an “Add” option on the top left corner.

  1. Add the New Source

Tap over the Add option and you will get a small window with a field for entering Cydia/APT URL. The field can be used for entering a repository URL and it displays the text “HTTP://”. In front of that, you have to type in “repo.applebetas.co/”. Just below the field, you can find the option “Add Source”. Tap over this option after entering the correct URL. You would get a message “Verifying URL” on the screen. This would start the process of loading the new repository. It would take a few minutes if your internet speed is moderate. Once it is done you will be able to view the Sources screen again and below Individual Sources you can find the newly added repository.

  1. Search for SpecialFaces

Navigate back to the home page of Cydia. In the bottom menu to the rightmost corner, you can find a search icon. Tap over it to open the search field. Enter SpecialFaces and wait for the search results. Once you find it tap over it and install the application.

  1. Open Your Apple Watch App

After installing SpecialFaces, you have to respring your iPhone. Now you are all set to find new watch faces. All you have to do is launch your Apple Watch app and search for Hermes watch face. Once you find it select it and your watch would display the new face. Note that once you launch the Hermes Apple watch face there might be some discrepancies in the appearance when you observe the details. However, it would still look great.