There is no individual on this planet who does not want to live a happy life. But, most of us restrict ourselves in such a way that we forget what actually real happiness is. If your life is full of stress, grievances and you want to know how to make your life happy, here are some simple and effective hacks.

  1. Don’t Take Things so Seriously

If you will Google how to be happy or how to increase happiness in life, you will get lots of tips from different articles, blogs published by people all over the world. After reading these contents, you start changing yourself into a person which you are actually not. This instead of bringing happiness in your life drags you into more depression and pain. Therefore, do not take life so seriously, in place of changing your personality try to change your lifestyle and bring it into a correct system.

  • This is true that meditation helps in improving mental stability and removing negativity. But, obviously, this does not mean that with meditation only you can achieve happiness in your life. Do meditation, but don’t rely on this exclusively to bring happiness in your life.
  • Correct your daily schedules like the time you wake up and time you reach to bed.
  • Wake up early morning and plan your day. Keep things at the top which are in your priority list and start working on the list from the very first hour of the day.
  • This way, you will manage to have more time for yourself which you can spend on finding things that will give you real happiness. This is also called as the me-time.
  1. Do Not Show Anger

This is quite a difficult task and initially, you won’t be able to handle it, but if you will try, gradually you would be able to handle your anger very efficiently.

  • When we show anger to others, what we do is express in the extreme. Sometimes in anger, we also hurt people with ultimately hurt us and take away our self far away from happiness unintentionally.
  • If you will go to bed with the feeling of anger, you won’t be able to have a deep and sound sleep. This will lead to frustration the next day and it will spoil all your day and you won’t be happy.
  • It is good to express your emotions, but when it comes to expressing anger, it should be handled with care. A minor mistake in handling anger could lead to major damage.
  • Several studies show that anger multiplies the bad emotion, so when you are angry more bad emotions will hit your mind and will take you in the state of grief instead of happiness. Therefore, when you feel that you are getting this emotion, try to keep your mental balance and flush out this feeling as soon as possible.
  1. Tell Yourself You are a Happy Person

What you will think and speak about yourself will come back to you; this is the rule of the universe. If you want to live a happy life, you have to tell yourself that you are happy, you are wonderful, you are out of the world, your life is completely problem-free, you can deal with any issues, and nothing can make you sad.

  • Start your day saying these positive lines to yourself.
  • Initially, you won’t find any difference, but gradually when you will adopt this habit, you start feeling what changes these positive lines bring with you.
  • When you tell the universe that you want to be happy, everything around you will start making you feel much better and happier.
  • In addition to telling all the positive lines to yourself, also try to keep a broad smile on your face always. When you will meet the people with a broad smile, you will get a smile in return which will fill your day with positivity and make you feel happier.
  1. Change Your Routine

The two important elements of happiness are challenges and surprises. When you change your routine, you assign a fresh task to your brain. Your brain will stimulate and start working on those new tasks. After some time you will start realizing that your thought process is changing and now your brain is engaged in more creative and meaningful work, instead of delivering you the same sad and monotonous messages.

  • You must have seen people traveling around the world, people engaged in some adventure activities are happier than those who do not do all these things.
  • When we change our routine, our brain waits for something new to come which excites us and makes us happy.
  • Don’t try to be perfect in everything, various studies have shown that people who try to remain perfect in everything remain more stressful than people who don’t give much value to perfection every time. This is because; when you start expecting perfection everywhere you won’t be able to satisfy yourself every time. And when you fail in this, you feel depressed and sad.
  • Instead of trying to become perfect at everything, try to be good at everything and perfect at some task that really masters.
  • Stop expecting perfection everywhere; you can’t have things according to you every time.
  • Develop the habit of appreciating everything around you. This will make you a positive person and will fill happiness in your life.
  1. Keep Yourself Engaged

Keep yourself busy and engaged in some creative work so that you don’t think about all the negativities around you. When you keep your brain busy in doing some creative work, it will always give you positive messages or messages that are useful for you.

  • If you are not a working person, engage yourself in doing activities that you love to do such as painting, dancing, teaching student, cooking, etc. When you will start engaging yourself and activities that you love, gradually you will search for some income-generating options in the same work.
  • When you engage yourself in some productive work, also make yourself productive and you will start getting appreciation from people around which will ultimately make you happy.
  • Your interest will break your boundaries and will introduce you to new people having the same area of interest. Meeting new people, discussing new ideas, working new projects will certainly develop you as a confident person and this will ultimately boost your happiness.
  1. Exercise Regularly to Boost Energy and Happiness

Exercising is very important for us it keeps our body healthy and brain fit. When we do the workout, our different organs get active that help to keep us energetic and keep our emotions in a balanced state.

  • To welcome happiness in your life, you can start a workout at any time that fits you the best.
  • The workout session will release all your stress and left you feeling happy and delighted.
  • You will get some new friends with whom you can talk about new ideas and new plans which will make you feel happy.


The best way to stay happy and increase happiness in life is to be kind and truthful to you.