When you have more than one bike at your home it is important that you create separate storage space for its proper parking. Leaning the bike against the wall, locking it to fence or parking it in front of a home in an open area is not the solution. This will not only damage important component of your bike but will also reduce its longevity.

  1. Buy Bike Storage Hook

The bike storage hooks are best for storing bikes along the wall or ceiling. These hooks are available in the market easily and come at a very nominal price. These are available in different sizes and features. You can buy hooks that come with pulley if you do not want to lift weight every time to store your bike. You can place these hooks both vertically and horizontally on the wall to place as much as bikes as you want. However, the important points to remember here is, while mounting hooks along the wall you have to drill the wall deep. If you are living in a rented apartment, it is good to take permission from your house owner before doing any such thing on the wall.

  1. Mount Hooks on Ceiling or Wall

The hooks are needed to be mounted on wall logically. Before mounting it, you have to find studs present onto the ceiling. If you will fix hooks in the direction of studs, it will firmly hold the hooks and places hooks will have the potential to hold the weight of your bike. If there are open studs in the ceiling, it will be easy for you to hang hook directly in stud as it comes from the wall. But, if this not the case, then drill deep into the wall to firmly place hooks. After you have mounted hooks in the ceiling take the measurement of your bicycle to place the second hook. If you are hanging a bicycle in a straight upward direction, you have to take the measurement of handlebar and seat. If you are planning to hang the bike from tyres, then you have to take the measurement of the gap between both the tyres where it touches the ground. According to the measurement, place hooks on the ceiling.

  1. Mount Hooks on Wall Horizontally and Vertically

If you have enough space on your wall instead of mounting hooks on the ceiling, you can mount it on the wall, both in the horizontal and vertical direction to store your bike. Specially designed hooks are available in the market for this purpose; you can buy such hooks that will allow you to park more than two bikes at the same place in the same direction. Nevertheless, whenever you are mounting any type of hook on the wall, make sure that hooks have been formally attached to the wall and it can hold the weight of your bike. Take all the measurements accurately so that you can use available space in the best possible manner.