Sadness and happiness have been just a state of mind and we can change our state of mind easily.

All we have to do to change our perspective towards our life, it means to decide that we want to be happyThe day you decide this, you will start feeling better, you will find many ways how you can keep yourself far away from sadness.

  1. Decide What You Want to be Happy

If you are in a bad relationship, you are not getting a good job, you are facing financial issues at home, and then certainly, you would not be in a good state of mind. But, this does not mean that you have no right to be happy. You would have seen so many people who do not earn well, they do not own big vehicles, big home and still, they are very happy. And you would have also seen people having a good job, excellent financial status in society, a big home to live and still they are unhappy. The reason why they remain unhappy is that they want to be unhappy. So the first step is to decide:

  • Distract your mind from sadness and think about all the positive things that you have at the present time.
  • Write down, what you mean by happiness in a diary and read it thoughtfully.
  • Open your eyes and look around the things that you have achieved in your life and that makes you feel happy.
  • Instead of looking at the negative side of your failures, check all positive things that have happened in your life and you have achieved.
  1. Visualize Yourself When You are in the Happiest Feeling

To find happiness from inside, follow the rule of attraction. Show the world that you want to be happy and just visualize the happier version of yourself. For this;

  • Dress up yourself in the best possible manner.
  • Meet like-minded people and start a conversation with them and talk about various topics.
  • Engage yourself in activities that you would love to do and that keeps you away from the thought that makes you sad.
  • Stop thinking about what people will think about you.
  1. Develop Your Skill to be Happy

To stay happy is also a skill, if you will be dependent on others for your happiness, you can never become happy. The first thing you need to do is surround yourself with positive things, develop an optimistic outlook towards life. For this;

  • Decorate your home interior with some positive things that are famous.
  • Do some meditation during morning and evening.
  • Keep watch on your negative thought that it should not enter your mind.
  • Do not compare yourself with anyone else.
  1. Forget and Forgive

If you are facing some hard time in your relationship and this does not mean that it should affect our lives. But it is also a truth that some bad faces in life hijack our happiness. We cannot completely avoid classes in a relationship, but yes with the positive thought, we can control its intensity how it is impacting our lives.

  • Do not keep things in your mind, try to forget bad experiences. Though it is not difficult to forget the bad experiences we have in our day to day life, but with the help of meditation, you can do this easily.
  • Forgive the people who have hurt you and move on. When you are forgiving someone you are not doing good for them, but you are doing good for yourself.
  • Make new friends and start building new relationships, this will make you more confident and a social person. By making new friends, you won’t rely on one person to find happiness.
  1. Appreciate People

Appreciation is very important when you want to live a happy life. Instead of expecting people, you should appreciate you for everything that you do; you should start appreciating people around you for what they are doing. You can appreciate someone for their unique dressing style, for the food they prepare, how they handle their professional and personal life, etc. Once you will start appreciating people around, you will start receiving appreciation in return.

  • Look out positive things present around you and appreciate what you find interesting in it.
  • Many people have a tendency not to express themselves when it comes to appreciation, but remember this is important. When you make someone happy, you also get happiness in return.
  • With the help of meditation, you can control your emotions and would also be able to filter out negative things.


To find happiness within, you need to first focus what are the things that give you happiness. After that, start working on the same.

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