Most people are often faced with tasks that they might have felt motivated about initially but the realization of a long road ahead to getting things done often bogs one down. Here are some useful tips to keep up the motivation for the long road ahead:

  1. Plan Small, Doable Activities of Larger Tasks

If looking at the long road ahead for achieving something gets you down, you might want to put off such an overwhelming task with some excuse or the other. It is best to break down arduous tasks into actionable projects that are small and can be accomplished within a defined timeline. The steps to do so can be in the following ways:

  • If you have a project that needs to be submitted in a few weeks, break it down into smaller tasks that include definable activities.
  • Set yourself timelines for accomplishing these smaller tasks.
  • Make a worksheet or maintain a board of how the small tasks, completed in certain timelines, would add up to the main project being completed in time.
  • Then set yourself up with daily targets to complete.
  1. Remind Yourself of the Rewards

Often, we can outdo ourselves only when we are pushed to the limit. It could be something scary but it could be something rewarding as well, indeed, even more than what you thought of. For instance, if delivering on an assignment would get you a certain payment, think of what you could achieve if you were able to deliver double of that amount. Hence, pushing yourself beyond comfortable limits will help you achieve even more. It also puts that spring in your step when you know that your achievements could bring in greater rewards.

  1. Plan Breaks
  • When you wish to keep up motivational levels in your work, plan on taking small breaks.
  • If you have a project that could ideally get done within a week, picture yourself taking a weekend getaway once the project delivery is over.
  • Plan on something to look forward to which will get you going and help keep up the motivational levels to stick to project deadlines and get the work over with.
  1. Build in Inspirational Activities into a Boring Work Schedule

If the work that you do is dull and boring, how could you liven up your mood?

  • It is an established fact that being physically active helps in keeping up the positive mindset that can help you to get through difficult work schedules.
  • If a workout session in the gym before or after your workday does not motivate you, try a hobby that would – for instance, dance classes over the weekend.
  • Taking a break from work to do something different, engaging with a different group of people often gives one the tenacity to continue their work projects and assignments.
  1. Seek Inspiration from Other People

Most of us find it difficult to keep up the inspiration to finish something when we are doing it on our own. That is where the positive effects of companionship come in.

  • If you are working with others around you, it would be easier to stay motivated by inspiring each other to achieve the set targets or objectives.
  • In case you are working alone, taking the time to discuss the problems you face and how to overcome them with your peers, your partner or your boss.

The above solutions can help keep up your motivational levels for completing a certain project or task or simply to get to work every day, even after the initial enthusiasm has worn off and you are facing the realities of difficulties on the way.

What causes lack of motivation?

One reason you might have a lack of motivation is that you’re leaving things too open. When things are vague, the motivation will fade. When you’re unable to tap into the motivation you need to succeed, it might be because whatever thing you want to get motivated for is too vague.

Is it OK to be lazy?

Originally Answered: Is it okay to be lazy? It is perfectly fine to be lazy sometimes…. ONLY if you are not falling behind your work and procrastinating for a long time. Don’t be lazy when you have work to do and you are just trying to lay it off to do it later.

Can laziness be cured?

Can a lazy person change?

There’s no simple cure for being lazy. The only way to overcome it is by setting your mind to the task and getting up and completing it. Start right now to develop the self-discipline you need to reach your goals.

What is the real cause of laziness?

Is Lazy an attitude?

The NCBI found out that habits need at least 10 weeks to form. This means that a lazy person can change his behavior in approximately 70 days. Some people find it easier if you keep a record of the things you did, so you can watch it get easier and easier with time.

How do you motivate a lazy person?

How do you cheer up a lazy person?

Studies of motivation suggest that laziness may be caused by a decreased level of motivation, which in turn can be caused by over-stimulation or excessive impulses or distractions. These increase the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for reward and pleasure.

What is the spirit of laziness?

Attitudes such as prudence, impatience and laziness are typically considered traits that are thought to be at least partly genetic, Daunizeau said. One explanation might be that people imitate the behavior of others because of social norms, including the desire to feel as though they belong to a group, Daunizeau said.

How can I overcome laziness in prayer?

How can I overcome procrastination and laziness?

Laziness kills us from the inside out – not because it makes us less productive – but rather because it makes us unfulfilled. Conquering laziness is not about being able to produce more. It’s about being able to bring glory to God and fulfill our reason for living.

What is the 2 minute rule?

Proverbs 19:15

Laziness casts one into a deep sleep, And an idle person will suffer hunger.”