Do you get sad because life is much more strenuous than your expectations? Are you unhappy with the way you’re living your life? Have you just settled with the way things are going on and decided to accept that this is just how life is? You have given up trying to make things better and your goal is just to get by.

  1. Find Your Purpose

This is the first basic step towards happiness. We don’t really take out time from our daily routine to give thoughts to the heavy question “What is my purpose in life?” A great many people are encountering despair regardless of how much fame, respect, or riches is with them.

So, the big question here is “what can we do to help this situation?” Here are some solutions:

  • Work on things that make use of your skills and abilities.
  • Experience and experiment with new things that might attract your interest.
  • Take out time for your hobbies.
  • Converse and spend time with people who love you without any judgments.
  1. Learn to Love and Accept Yourself

There is no human with imperfections. To beat yourself up about it is where you go wrong.

When you start to love yourself more each day, it’s astonishing how our lives show signs of improvement. We feel much improved. We get the things we desire. Our relationships either enhance or ruin us. It is advisable to get rid of toxic relationships. Overall, we start feeling happier.

Some ways to go about loving yourself are:

  • Start listing things you love about yourself.
  • Focus less on getting approval from others.
  • Distance yourself from those people who bring you down.
  • Forgive your past self for the mistakes they committed.

Believe in your abilities. You can do it if you set your heart on doing it.

  1. Get out of Your Comfort Zone and Break the Monotony

You might be miserable because of the routine. Basically, you’re bored and yet, perhaps you’re somewhat terrified of taking a risk for doing something new.

  • Or on the other hand, you might detest your job, but you are too afraid to quit because you’re worried you may not able to survive further.
  • If you try to step out of your comfort zone, you will have a more content and joyous life. This would give you real satisfaction.
  1. Invest in Experiences Rather than Materialistic Stuff

Material things, no matter how exciting they may seem, get boring after a period of time. We buy expensive cars, mobile phones, shoes, etc. that brings us happiness for a temporary period.

  • After that, it becomes a regular piece of possessions we pay no special attention to. But happy experiences stay with us as happy memories, forever.
  • While having material belongings can feel pleasure, they can never be a part of you like incredible experiences can be. This is the reason you ought to invest more in experiences instead of things.
  1. Meditate Regularly

Relax for some time and detach yourself from all the chaotic thoughts and feelings you experience can be just the thing you need to be more joyful. Meditation has been scientifically proved to have mental as well as physical benefits for us humans.

  • It boosts our immune system, improves stress-related conditions, improves self-acceptance, improves self-confidence and improves creativity.
  • Most importantly, it fosters feelings of ‘wholeness’.
  • Just 15 minutes out of your regular day can result in a happier version of you.
  1. Create Habits Which Contribute to Your Betterment

Habits are one chief factor differentiating happy and unhappy people. This is because we spend most of our time doing things which we are habituated to, rather than using our conscious minds.

  • One of the major challenges to alter our habits is getting out of the ongoing daily routines.
  • If a person’s habits are not contributing to a happy and healthy life, he/she is doing it wrong. This would keep him/her unhappy throughout the time he or she is involved in those habits.

However, things don’t have to be this way. Cultivating more joy in your life is a very undeniable and close possibility. You just have to put in the effort.

The above suggestions are some of the tips to follow in order to get rid of the clouds of sadness and feel happy again.


  • Give yourself time to vent out the sadness. None of the above ways work if you don’t forgive yourself for having feelings.
  • Give your mind to cope up with the sadness.
  • Don’t rush things you can’t control.
  • Don’t beat yourself for being human.

How do I get my happiness back?

8 Techniques For Recovering Happiness When Life Gets Tough
  1. Recognize if you ask depressing questions, you will get depressing answers!
  2. Know that feeling means you’re dealing means you’re healing.
  3. Turn off the tube.
  4. Step outside yourself.
  5. Get a ‘mental rental.
  6. Keep perspective.
  7. Change your mood with food.
  8. Let go.

What to do when you can’t find happiness?

Happiness Barrier No.

“That kind of tension takes a toll on your soul and your psyche.” Whether you call it meditation, silence, or prayer, taking a “pause” just a few minutes a day can help you “recharge your batteries” and make you feel happier. A good time to do this is in the morning.

What does it mean when you can’t cry?

If you can’t cry at all, you might have a hard time working through your own emotions, and you could also find it tough to connect with others. In the end, crying is normal, so don’t worry about trying to hold those tears back — they‘re completely natural.

What causes lack of happiness?

People who experience anhedonia have lost interest in activities they used to enjoy and have a decreased ability to feel pleasure. It’s a core symptom of major depressive disorder, but it can also be a symptom of other mental health disorders. Some people who experience anhedonia don’t have a mental disorder.

What is dysphoric mood?

824) • “Dysphoria (dysphoric mood)”: “a condition in. which a person experiences intense feelings of. depression, discontent, and in some cases. indifference to the world around them” (p.

What is the biggest cause of unhappiness?

Behavioral patterns that lead to unhappiness.
  1. Staying indoors. There’s more than one good reason to leave the house.
  2. Isolating yourself.
  3. Excessive drinking and drugs.
  4. Not sleeping enough and not sleeping regularly.
  5. Chronic inactivity, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition.

What are signs of unhappiness?

Some people, regardless of how much money they have or property they own, are chronically unhappy. However, many people can put on a happy face at work or with friends despite being unhappy at home. Some of the tell-tale signs of being unhappy include waking up late, eating unhealthily, and constantly arguing.

Who are the happiest people?

According to the 2021 World Happiness Report, Finland is the happiest country in the world for the fourth year in a row. It’s followed by Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, and the Netherlands in the annual survey released on Friday that ranks countries by how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be.

Are humans meant to be happy?

Nature and evolution

Humans are not designed to be happy, or even content. Instead, we are designed primarily to survive and reproduce, like every other creature in the natural world. A state of contentment is discouraged by nature because it would lower our guard against possible threats to our survival.

What are humans designed to eat?

Although many humans choose to eat both plants and meat, earning us the dubious title of “omnivore,” we’re anatomically herbivorous. The good news is that if you want to eat like our ancestors, you still can: Nuts, vegetables, fruit, and legumes are the basis of a healthy vegan lifestyle.

Do humans need other humans to survive?

Humans, because of necessity, evolved into social beings. Dependence on and cooperation with each other enhanced our ability to survive under harsh environmental circumstances. Although the survival threats of these circumstances have lessened in today’s world, people continue to have a need to affiliate with others.

Are humans hardwired to be happy?

A new study reveals that your brain is hardwired to make you happy, if you know the right trigger. Everybody wants to be happier. Since memories create emotions, there’s a direct connect between listening to such music and feeling happier.

Do humans need nature?

Nature is essential to every aspect of human life and well-being — we want to make sure it’s included in the conversation. People are taking more from nature than it has to give, and as a result, we’re putting our own lives on the line. Nature’s message to humanity is simple: Nature doesn’t need people.

What nature does to your brain?

Scientists are beginning to find evidence that being in nature has a profound impact on our brains and our behavior, helping us to reduce anxiety, brooding, and stress, and increase our attention capacity, creativity, and our ability to connect with other people.

Are we born with happiness?

Some people are born happy, scientists say. Researchers have identified a “happiness gene” that makes people more likely to feel satisfied with their lives. Their sunny dispostion is an accident of birth, at least in part. The finding is the first to demonstrate a link between the gene, called 5-HTT, and satisfaction.