If you are in a long distance relationship with someone, you need to know how to make it work. These relationships can be very tricky, which is all the more reason to do your research.

In this article we will give you some of the best tips for LDR success.

  1. Don’t Talk too Much

While it may seem like talking every chance you get with your partner is a good idea, it can damage your relationship. A lot of couples in long distance relationships try to talk all the time to make up for the physical distance, but it can burn both people out quickly. There is nothing wrong with taking some time to yourselves once in a while. It is never good when one person feels like the other is smothering them.

  1. Decide When to Communicate

It is also important that you decide when the best times are to talk with each other. You should ideally choose times when you aren’t going to be busy or preoccupied with other things. This can be difficult, especially if you both have very different schedules.

  • Think about which times you are typically feeling your best and have free time.
  • If you don’t have much free time, you will have to find a way to create it for the sake of your relationship. All relationships take a certain amount of sacrifice, even long distance ones.
  1. Don’t Forget to Live your Own Life

You should never get so caught up in your relationship that you forget to give yourself the attention you deserve. It is crucial that you hang out with friends and enjoy your favorite hobbies on a regular basis. If you are good at prioritizing the other person, you should be able to balance them with all these other things effectively. One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people make in long distance relationships is not prioritizing themselves enough.

  1. Make Certain your Goals are Aligned

  • If your long distance relationship has any hope of succeeding, you need to make sure that you and your partner’s goals are completely aligned.
  • You have to think about where you are going to live eventually.
  • The point is that you need to have a plan. If you don’t have the same goals, it is likely that the relationship will fail.
  • Ask the other person straight out where they would like to be in the next year or so. This will give you a better idea as to how compatible you will be in the long term.
  1. See each other In-Person As Much as Possible

It can be difficult for a lot of long distance couples to see each other in-person on a regular basis, but it needs to be done as much as possible. It can be very easy to lose sight of what is important when you are constantly communicating just through text or over the phone. You have to plan when you are going to meet up in person. When you cannot be with each other in person, try going on Skype and video chatting. It’s not quite the same, but it can help you feel closer to the other person until the next time you meet.


  • If you feel as though your relationship isn’t working, you should reassess. Long distance relationships are not for everyone. Think about whether or not this is really worth it for you.
  • You should think twice about getting into a long distance relationship just because you feel lonely. It will almost certainly end up badly.

How do you keep a long distance relationship strong?

Stick to a Schedule

Timing matters, especially when your time together is precious. To keep longdistance relationships going you need to actually see one another, know when you’re going to see each other and be able to trust that the other person will stick to that plan.

What should you not do in a long distance relationship?

Here are the seven things you should never, no matter the circumstances, put up with in a longdistance relationship.
  • Predictability.
  • One Word Texts.
  • The Suggestion Of An Open Relationship.
  • Excessive Flakiness.
  • Being Hung Up On Mid-Argument.
  • Too Much Jealousy.
  • Silence.

Is Sexting good for long distance relationship?

If you’re in a longdistance relationship or your partner or spouse travels frequently, sexting may be your primary way to really be together on an intimate level. A dirty text can also be a great way to set the mood for a night ahead with a partner you live with and get to see everyday.

Should you talk everyday in a long distance relationship?

Don’t talk every day.

You might think talking every single day when you‘re in an LDR is a must. The truth is, experts say it’s really not necessary and might actually be harmful to your relationship. “You don’t need to be in constant communication,” Davis says.

Can you talk too much in a long distance relationship?

When Talking Too Much Is A Bad Idea In An Established Relationship. So, in other words: No, it’s not fine to spend so much time talking to your long distance love that other important areas of your life wither and die.

How often should couples talk in a long distance relationship?

You should talk to your partner as much as you would if they lived close by. Establish communication habits that work for both you and your partner. For some couples, having an ongoing conversation throughout the day is necessary. For other, checking in once a day is adequate.”

When to call it quits in a long distance relationship?

What are red flags in a long distance relationship?

When to Call it Quits in a LongDistance Relationship? It’s time to call it quits in your longdistance relationship when your relationship is dysfunctional, unsolved problems accumulate, and you feel emotionally overwhelmed. When your longdistance relationship becomes toxic, it’s best to let it go.

Is Cheating common in long distance relationships?

Being Secretive, always busy and unavailable, unwilling to commit to the relationship, appearing to be flirty with other people online and a preference to be alone. These are the top long distance relationship red flags to be wary about.

What are some red flags in a long distance relationship?

How common is cheating in longdistance relationships? Statistics show that 40% longdistance relationships don’t work out of which 24% are because of cheating. This number might seem high, but it is actually the same as regular relationships.

How do you know if your boyfriend is losing interest in a long distance relationship?

Save The Date: How To Conquer Your First Date Fears
  • They’re Less Available.
  • They Start Missing Phone/Skype Dates.
  • Phone Calls Are No Longer Fun.
  • You Start Making More Future-Oriented Plans Without Them.
  • You Are Happier Alone.

What are signs of fake love?

He cares for you.

A guy who loves you is genuinely happy for you when good things happen to you. He is compassionate when you‘re going through challenges. This guy is there for you in the good and not-so-good times. He thinks about you and surprises you with tokens of affection outside of your birthday and holidays.

How do you tell he is serious about you?

To really know that the love in your relationship is fake, here are some things you may want to watch out for:
  • They’re emotionally distant. In a relationship, fakers have a tendency to be non-communicative.
  • Always willing to throw in the towel.
  • They don’t meet you halfway.
  • Unconcern.
  • That gut feeling.