Twitter has millions of active users and offers a number of different ways to make money. If you want to increase your monthly revenue, the tips in this article should help you out. Some methods are better than others, so it is important that you look over your options carefully.

  1. Crowdsourcing

One of the best options for making money on Twitter is crowdsourcing. This is when you get a group of people to donate funds for some business idea you have. If you already have a lot of followers, this is definitely something to consider. It is important to approach this method of earning money carefully so that it works out as effectively as possible. You can also ask your followers a certain question to get ideas for business purposes. This can be a great way to do market research.

  1. Promote Your Products or Services

You can also use Twitter to promote the products that you are trying to sell. Make sure to include a high-quality picture of your product with a relevant caption. If you have your own business, you may also want to advertise promotional or daily deals that can help your customers save money. There has to be some sort of call to action with these posts, so you will need to keep that in mind. You don’t want to make it seem like you are pressuring your followers to buy anything. Keep it casual while making it clear that you want them to purchase your products.

If you have a certain service to offer like web design, you can post on Twitter with links to the websites that you have created. This is an excellent way to get the word out about your particular set of skills. There is a good chance that it will attract people who are looking for your services. Make sure to target people who likely have a need for whatever service you are advertising.

  1. Sponsored Tweets

Another great way to monetize your Twitter account is to do sponsored Tweets. Take the time to find companies that will pay you to Tweet about the products they sell. The more followers you have with your account, the easier it will be to find sponsors. Maintaining good relationships with your sponsors can be tricky, as you have to be careful about what you Tweet. Make sure that you select companies with products that you can really get behind. The more passionate you are about the products you Tweet about, the more likely you are to please your sponsor.

  1. Create Brand New Leads

Twitter’s search tool can also help you make quite a bit of money, but only if you use it properly. You can use this function to find users based on their tweets and bios. This is a great way to find people who would be interested in the products you have to offer. It is definitely a more effective method than sending out random emails or cold calling. When you find people who have certain interests that are related to your products, it will be much easier to sell them. This is an effective and completely free way to generate targeted and relevant leads for your business.

  1. Start a Contest

Many people host contests on Twitter as a way of engaging their followers and making a decent amount of money in the process. First you will need to find a certain brand that is relevant to your audience so you can increase the chances of participation. There are tons of different contest ideas that you will have to choose from. You can also use a contest to help out your own business.

  • First you will need to determine why you are holding the contest in the first place. Whether it is brand awareness or getting people to sign up for an email newsletter, you will have to do this before proceeding.
  • Next you have to choose the prize that you are going to give to the winner of the contest. If you are doing the contest for your own business, the prize should probably be one of your products. You could also make the prize a gift card of some kind. Some businesses give away cash prizes, which can be very attractive to many people.
  • Take the time to think about what sort of contest you are going to run. You could make it so that people retweet certain posts and you select a random winner. Make sure that you find out what the contest laws in your state are like before deciding on the specific rules.
  • You might want to consider using software to set up your contest. This can make the whole process much easier.
  • Don’t forget to promote your contest as much as possible so that people know about it. There is no point in holding a contest if you only get a few participants.
  1. Link to Your YouTube videos

If you have a YouTube channel that you have monetized with ads, you can use Twitter to promote them. It is even better if your videos are related to Twitter in some way, such as tutorials for users. This can be a very effective way to get more views for your videos and subscribers. This method allows you to make money by using two social media websites at once.

  1. Use an Ad Platform

Twitter can be a great vehicle for distributing ads, and there are many different platforms that can help you do that. It is important that you learn about some of these options before deciding which one to use.

  • MyLikes is an excellent ad platform that you can use on Twitter, YouTube, and even Tumblr. There are tons of different ads and advertisers to choose from, so you will want to take your time. You can earn as much as $0.45 for each click, which can really add up over time.
  • is another useful service that will send out advertisements with each of your tweets. There is no pay-per-click structure here though. First you need to create a profile of all the things you are interested in. Then advertisers will select your account, and you will be required to send out a specific number of tweets according to a strict schedule. You will receive a lump sum for doing this.
  • Rev Twt allows you to carry out advertising campaigns for various brands. If you have a lot of followers, your money making potential is very good. You are paid out with PayPal, so keep that in mind. You can start getting paid once you have earned at least $20. This is a very popular ad service that many people are using.
  1. Become a Social Media Manager

Social media management work can pay pretty good, so it is something that you should at least look into. You can get paid to manage a business’s Twitter account, posting very specific things at certain times. You could also be a customer support agent to handle any problems that might come up by taking to this social media website. Lots of medium to large size companies employ people to do this.


  • Make sure that you keep posting on Twitter consistently. Those who stop posting for a significant length of time severely limit their money making abilities. People will quickly lose interest in you unless you make an effort to post every day.
  • If you are using Twitter to sell your products, make sure that you make them appear as attractive as possible. Give people a solid reason to buy your products. Advertising is all about making things look as good as possible so people feel like they need them.
  • Remember to keep things casual with your Tweets and don’t be too serious. People like it posts that are light, funny, and witty.
  • It takes a lot of hard work to make money with Twitter, and it can take some time before you start seeing results. Even those who use very effective methods can still have to wait a while before they start seeing the fruits of their labor.

Whatever you do, do not purchase Twitter followers. This will almost certainly end up working against you in one way or another.